Friday, June 14, 2013

Back again so soon & Dip report

Wow, I'm blogging up a storm here!

Thanks to those of you still here reading, and supporting me!  I appreciate it a lot!  This blog has been a big source of accountability and motivation for me since I started it!  Knowing ANYONE is out there reading, wondering what I've been up to, or gaining any sort of positive ANYTHING makes me feel like I need to keep going even when I really don't want to.  So thanks for that!

I really don't have anything exciting to report, except for a food find (if you can even call it that).  I planned all our meals for the week and went grocery shopping yesterday.  Spent more time in the produce section than I have in a long time, that was a good thing.  Was on Pinterest the other day and saw a "recipe" (it's really not, I'll get to the in a sec) for a healthier ranch dip.  I love dip, dip is good, and usually dip is a high calorie nightmare, I mean who the heck wants just TWO tablespoons of dip for 200 calories, that's crap.  Anyway, the "recipe" was basically just swap sour cream for Greek yogurt, add ranch dip packet.  See, not really a recipe, more like common sense! LOL!  I've been swapping sour cream for Greek yogurt on baked potatoes, tacos, and burritos (and anything else I would normally use sour cream on) for well over a  year. I actually can't tell a difference at all anymore.  I LOVE Greek yogurt for so many things anyway, I cannot believe I never thought to use it for dip!  Like DUH!  And an ENTIRE CUP of Greek yogurt (well, the Chobani 0% I used in this case, my store stopped carrying 2% which I prefer greatly) is 140 calories, the entire packet of ranch is 40 calories, so 180 calories for a whole cup of dip.  Pair that with some veggies (I got some red and green bell peppers, cucumber, celery, and carrots because they were all cheap) and you have a healthy, filling, snack with no guilt.  I couldn't even eat all of it in one sitting, and believe me that says something!  I'm no master chef, I'm not very creative food-wise, and I don't have much money to burn at the store, so when I find something easy, yummy, inexpensive, and super filling, I get excited!

I've cleaned up the ol' diet the last few days and can't believe how much better I feel already.  Didn't realize just how bloated I was until it went away.  Starting to feel less lethargic.  Perhaps a little less cranky too.  I've always known how much of a difference what you eat makes, but sometimes it can be easy to forget until you feel the repercussions of it.  Food is fuel and all that jazz.  Maybe now that I'm at a point where I'm truly trying to find the middle ground between losing weight and gaining weight (hmmm, what do they call that again?  Ohhhhhh ya, LIFE) maybe, just maybe, I can start seeing food as a way to fuel my body, make me feel good, AND enjoy it alllll at the same time.


  1. You sound like you are super motivated and on top of it! Great job!

    Keep it going and have a fantastic week!

  2. What a great alternative to find. It's always great to find a way to enjoy similar food with a lower calorie intake! I'm a new supporter of yours on GFC xx

  3. I keep thinking of you, Steph, and checking in. How are you doing lately?

    1. Hey! Wow I can't believe it has been so long since I posted! I'm doing well. I had a few small regains, but I've been stable in the mid 130s for a while now. How are you???

    2. I'm so glad you've been weight stable - that's a HUGE victory. I'm doing well with the nursing thing with my youngest, and have also been fairly weight stable. I got off all the pregnancy weight and another five pounds to get to my lowest, but then I got lazy and have been bouncing around those same five pounds for the last few months. Fortunately the diet mojo has kicked back up and I'm back on track and doing fine :)